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$HOLA - Crypto Marketing at its finest

$HOLA's Value Proposition:
A holistic marketplace converging varied crypto services, from marketing to listings.

Telegram Bot:
A user-friendly platform, ensuring streamlined browsing and transactions.

Security & Privacy:
High priority on user security, making purchases safe and secure without ever having to connect your wallet!

Escrow Protection:
Funds are securely held until job completion, ensuring transactions are risk-free.

We Don't  Just Sell Services.

We Are Your Trusted Advisor, Only Recommending Services/Products That Will Actually Benefit Your Token At The Right Time!

Listings: CMC/CG Fasttrack, and more.
Press Releases: Outlets include Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, and Bloomberg.
Trending: Platforms like CMC, DEXTools, CoinGecko, and many more.
CEX Listings: BitMart, MEXC, KuCoin, and many others.
Chinese Marketing:,, AVE.AI, etc.
Billboards: Over 40 Locations Including SpaceX, Vegas, and New York.Banner
Ads: DexView, PooCoin, DexScreener, and many more.
Prelaunch/Launch Marketing Services
Additional Services: Votes, CS Badge, AMAs, Trust Wallet, etc.

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5% of revenue from services is used for token buybacks and subsequent burning, creating a deflationary effect.No taxes on buys or sells, ensuring frictionless transactions. Additionally, LP is burnt and the contract is renounced, offering further security to holders.

Our Tokenomics in detail

$HOLA Referral Program

10% referral commissions are given to anyone who refers a potential client to us.  

This referral program is a 1st of it's kind, making it to where you don't just get commissions the first time the dev buys from us, you get those 10% commissions on anything they buy from us, forever!

$HOLA Revenue Share NFT's

We've done something nobody else has done in the industry.  We've created a way for our holders to be able to get their large piece of 100% of the revenue coming into the company. By way of our $HOLA Revenue Share NFT's, 68% of the supply has been LOCKED AWAY by 84 of our holders.  This allows them to get their corresponding piece of all of the revenue coming in from services sold.  Would you like to share in the revenue share?

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